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About us

Our client is a software company that specializes in A/B testing, feature management, and AI-driven personalization. Recently featured in the Q4 2020 Forrester Wave, our client’s platform helps marketers, product managers, and developers build better customer experiences and products.

About this position

We’re looking for a managing editor – someone as comfortable with story brief creation and project and calendar management, as they are writing an excellent thought leadership opinion piece – to join our new team in North America.

The managing editor will report to and work alongside our head of marketing and partnerships to build the company’s brand and business through content and brand journalism. You will take the lead in ideating, assigning, shepherding, editing, and publishing content in North America.

About you

We are aiming to build a magazine, not a blog. If you’re looking for a chance to build an influential digital publication in an industry that values everything from applied behavioral science and UX to management consulting, then this is it.

In this role, you’ll…

1.Take the lead on ideating and creating content that is purposeful, actionable, and audience-  centric for the company’s key audiences.

2.Build a content plan and strategy to ensure targeted audiences have a range of helpful and inspiring content.

3. Develop a deep talent bench of journalists and contributors, assigning clear story briefs that       result in few, if any, revisions.

4.Create the company’s storytelling guide, to help internal colleagues and external actors e.g. freelancer writers and designers, etc. keep our       content reading and looking consistent per brand tone/voice.

5. Lead and manage the story calendar, ensuring that it captures the zeitgeist of the optimization industry, activities by our partner program, and our product marketing e.g. new releases, etc. so our readers can easily find and enjoy topical and engaging content regularly.

6. Troubleshoot editorial issues i.e. aligning design, getting key stakeholder approvals, etc. ensuring stories, publishing channels, and the company’s calendar stay on track.

7. Ensure content is successfully and persuasively posted on company’s channels e.g. website, e-newsletter, LinkedIn, etc.

8. Run editorial meetings and contributor check-ins. Meet with peers in EMEA to stay abreast of successful content marketing initiatives and campaigns.

What a day may look like for this role…

1.  You check with freelancers to verify that stories in the calendar are on track and troubleshoot, where necessary.

2.  You catch up on industry and industry-related news, looking for story and opinion inspiration.

3.  You reach out to influential voices and opinion-makers, aiming to enlist their voices in your stories.

4.  You comment and post on LinkedIn with confidence, knowing your voice helps raise ours.

5.  You review what is meant to be published today, tomorrow, this week, this month, next month, and this quarter – and take action to  ensure that content is at the proper stage/step.

6.  You join and lead meetings aimed at surfacing audience-building content ideas.

7.  You review new visuals from in-house and freelance designers, giving helpful feedback, and adjusting any copy work, if necessary.

8.  You block out time to work on an original research report, knowing that it will be a “hero” piece of content for a co-marketing campaign.

9.  Supporting the onshore team to review a story or content asset in English.

10.  You look at the calendar again, knowing your work is always better when you’re prepared and steps ahead.

This position may be a good fit if you…

1.  Reside in North America (bonus points if you are in Vancouver)

2.  Are curious and excited about the idea of joining a brand new team and office of a European company.

3.  Already have an audience in the A/B testing, personalization, or related space.

4.  Have a strong and varied portfolio of work that showcases 2-5 years of experience in B2B/B2C marketing, content creation, or digital publishing.

5.  Have a university degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, or equivalent.

6.  Work cooperatively with others and love to learn.

7.  You value relationships and have the social skills to create a devoted team environment.
Can toggle between project management mode and journalist extraordinaire.

8. Have enough experience to know that great, especially in SaaS, content marketing means leading with the problem solved instead of the     technology.

9.    Possess powerful editing abilities.

10.  You know how to structure a story so that a reader gets maximum value for the least amount of effort.

11.  Know that if you didn’t read the story out loud, it probably hasn’t been properly edited and proofed for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

12.  Know what a nut graph is but also appreciate that readers skim before they read.

13.  Love to include voices and sources in your stories.

14.  Believe with all your heart that if you only had more time, you would have written a shorter post or article.

15.  Aim to convert challenges into opportunities.

16.  Feel as comfortable editing an evocative posting on LinkedIn as digging into stats meant to create an original research report.

17.  Hear “show” don’t “tell” and know exactly what it meant.

18.  You know how to “atomize” a story, thinking about how it will work for multiple channels and mediums.

19.  Appreciate that great design doesn’t solve bad editorial.

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