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Excellent Android development skills with Kotlin and/or Java
Detailed knowledge about a variety of Android frameworks
A deep understanding of mobile software development with a minimum of 5 years of programming expertise in that field
Keen awareness and understanding of performance, security, and other software engineering best practices
The ability to pick up technology quickly.
Solid understanding of RESTful API design
Communication skills are paramount.
Documenting once is not enough; being able to explain something in 5 different ways is key.
You enjoy taking ownership of your work in an environment where leadership is a shared responsibility.
A track record of successfully mentoring and growing other software engineers in your previous roles

Preferred Qualifications
Familiarity with functional programming
A good understanding of Mobile Design Patterns especially MVVM
Knowledge in RxJava, Coroutines, and flow
Experience with Gitflow workflow, CI/CD pipelines, Fastlane, and some parts of the Google Cloud Platform
Show us your past projects! We’ll specifically be looking for how you decided to design your application, and of course how you decided to get it deployed and ready for customers.

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