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Information Technology (IT) is one of the most emerging fields in Canada. It offers a wide range of work, competitive salaries, and a wealth of available jobs and opportunities. This is the best time to start a career in Information Technology. Let’s see the most in-demand and highest-paying IT jobs in Canada.

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1.Developer/ Programmer

  • Salary range: $48,000-$89,000

Developers are responsible for creating new and managing existing software products. Developer jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada for about 2 years now.

2. IT Project Manager
  • Salary range: $52,000–$111,000

A project manager leads the team of developers, analysts, designers, and engineers to ensure the projects are completed on time and up to industry standards. They are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of a specific project for an organization.

A project manager should have solid technological understanding, strong communication skills, and experience in managing a team.

3.Quality Assurance Analyst (QA Analyst)
  • Salary range: $33,000-$84,000

Also known as Quality Analyst. A QA Analyst evaluates products, systems, and software to ensure that they are free of bugs and meets the quality standard of the organization. They are trying out the software before release and to ensure that the software is user-friendly and run smoothly. An analyst should be detail-oriented and familiar with technology, software and have strong attention to detail.

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4. IT Business Analyst
  • Salary range: $38,200-$74,000

An IT Business Analyst well versed in business administration and information technology. They aim to improve overall business by finding the right software and technology services. The requirement for IT Business Analyst is to have a strong background in business administration & marketing and a solid understanding of software and technology.

5.Senior Software Engineer
  • Salary range: $78,000-$130,00

A Senior Software Engineer will be developing new and managing existing software products. Along with technical knowledge, the person should have strong communication skills, innovative solutions, and the ability to manage a team. For applying an sr. software engineer job, you should have a degree in computer science and have a previous experience as an engineer, developer or programmer is also beneficial.

6.Network Administrator

  • Salary range: $43,000-$78,000

Network Administrators are responsible for monitoring the company’s internal and external servers and ensuring everything runs smoothly for employers and customers. There can be a lot of employees working within the same network, so the network administrator always ensures that connections are fast and secure without any issues.

Network engineers are experts that fixing problems behind the scenes. They require extensive knowledge in troubleshooting a wide range of network problems.

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7.Technical Support Specialist

  • Salary range: $29,700-$71,000

Technical support Specialist assists customers having issues with software products and applications. They work in a client-facing role and need to have exceptional knowledge of computer hardware and systems. They are problem solvers and have great attention to detail. Also, have strong listening and communication skills.

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