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A healthcare career could be a path to a successful and rewarding career. There are a variety of opportunities are available in the healthcare sector. With an aging population, the demand is higher than ever for qualified individuals. The Healthcare industry is one of the most respected professions in the world. These professionals help to improve people’s health and save a life. All the medical professionals are playing an important role in this current Covid 19 situation. They fight with the virus to save our lives.

The jobs in the health care sector always have high demand and here we share some high paying jobs you should consider if you are interested in helping people.

Nursing Supervisor

A nursing supervisor who manages the nursing staff at the hospital, clinic, nursing home, and many other forums. For this job a four-year university degree is mandatory. In addition to possessing a degree as a registered nurse, management training and 5 years of clinical experience are required for this position.


Median Salary: $ 65,229

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Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist diagnoses and provides treatment for those who suffer from heart or lung problems focusing on airway management. If you are looking for a career as a respiratory therapist you need a three-year degree and write the National Certification Exam (CSRT) and receive Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)certification.

Median Salary : $62,400


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According to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), to become a physiotherapist in Canada, Individuals require an undergraduate degree and you experience a degree of professionalism required with the total number of 1000+ hours in a clinical setting and require Provincial Registration. Physiotherapists can work in rehabilitation hospitals, private clinics, community health centers, residential care, and assisted living facilities and schools.

Median Salary: $69,992

Dental hygienist

A Dental hygienist is the patient’s first contact for complete dental care. A registered Dental hygienist performs cleaning, scaling, taking x-rays, providing fluoride treatments, and assisting throughout various procedures. Dental hygienists in Canada must complete a 3-year Diploma program.

Median Salary: $70,270

PharmacistHealthcare jobs in canada

A pharmacist requires a four-year bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. Becoming a pharmacist also requires several hundred apprenticeships or internship hours. The final step is taking the National Qualifying Exam through the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada(PEBC).

Median Salary: $94,000


 Registered nurses hold a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Canadian University or international equivalent. RN’s may specialize in a variety of areas such as surgery, obstetrics, psychiatric, pediatrics, community health, occupational health, emergency, rehabilitation or oncology, and more. The demand for nurses in hospitals and ambulance settings remains very strong. If you want to work in the healthcare sector you need to pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CNRE)exam.

Median Salary: $79,990


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