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Finance jobs can be a best choice for people who have strong mathematical and analytical skills. Finance Industry offers a different number of opportunities for people who are interested in the field. This industry is wide and incorporates everything from banking and investments to financial technology. If you have been thinking about a career in the finance sector, Find out the top-paying jobs in the Banking and Finance Industry.

best finance jobs

Financial Accountant

A financial Accountant manages a company’s financial account to guarantee that they are properly managed and distributed. It includes analyzing all the different aspects of business, evaluate important financial viewpoints and measurements, afterward review and report the outcomes to the higher-ups, similar to shareholders and executives. Accountants are record keepers and financial experts, assisting organizations with monitoring their money with detailed records.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts search through financial information business partners settle on informed decisions about organization funds. They work for financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, and more to help the purchasing choices and necessities of clients all around the country.

financial analyst job in canada

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst who analyses industry and intends its methods and operations, evaluating the business model and its combination with technology. The primary function of a business analyst is to identify and solve business problems, finding ways to improve functions, processes, or software. A business Analyst can be defined as the link between the business problems and the technology solutions.

Payroll Clerk

Payroll Clerk are responsible for all task relating to payroll. They administer payroll for employees in their organization. Payroll clerks are responsible for different components of employee remuneration such as benefits administration or answering finance-related questions from the employees.

best finance job in Canada

Financial Advisor

They are professionals who help the client to make decisions related to their investments and finances. It’s an entry-level job, but most popular in the banking sector.

Financial Software Developer

A Financial Software Developer works in the growing financial technology area, they develop programs that meet the needs of financial institutions and end-users.

Information Technology Auditor

IT Auditors usually work for government agencies and private companies to ensure the technology infrastructure meets compliance needs and other business IT needs. They go through their days conducting audits and ought to be talented at doing as such, which now and again requires certification.

finance jobs in canada


A teller who directly deals with the customers. They help customers by completing account transactions.

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