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E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce. It refers to the buying and selling of products or services over the internet, the transfer of money and data to execute these actions. It often refers to the sales of products online.

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 E-commerce helps businesses to establish a wider market and they can sell products or services through proper channels. Due to this pandemic and the current situation, the demand for e-commerce is very high. There are a lot of opportunities in the field of E-commerceLogistics, and supply chain management.

 Types of E-commerce models.

 1.Business to Consumer(B2C)

 When a business sells goods or services directly to the consumer. For example, when a customer buys a product directly from the retailer store.

 2.Business to Business(B2B)

 When one business sells goods or services to another business. That is a business sell software as a service to other businesses to use.

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3. Consumer to Consumer(C2C)

 When a consumer sells goods or services to another consumer. That is a person sells his used products through an online market like the Facebook market.

 4. Consumer to Business(C2B)

When a consumer sells their products or services to a business or an organization. It allows businesses to extract values from the consumer. For example, if the consumer writes reviews or gives useful ideas about the development of a product, then the consumer creating value for the business. If the business adopts the input.


 Industries use E-commerce

E-commerce can take a variety of industries including transactional relationships between business and customers. Let’s see the industries that use e-commerce:

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 It is the sale of product by a business directly to the customer without any intermediary.


 The sale of product in bulk, often to a retailer then sells them directly to the consumer.


 It is the sale of a product that is manufactured and shipped to the consumer by a third party.


 It means the collection of money from the consumers in advance to raise the capital necessary to bring it to the market.


 It is the automatic recurring purchase of a product or a service regularly until the subscriber chooses to cancel it.

 6.Digital Products

 The digital goods, templates, courses can be downloaded or media that must be purchased for consumption.


 A skill that is provided for the exchange for compensation.

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