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Skilled trade jobs are an occupation that requires hands-on training and skills, its not necessary to require any bachelors degree. Over the years skilled trade jobs have been in demand and even in the coming years.

Skilled trade jobs in canada

When we think of skilled trade, there are lots of jobs that are coming to our mind. In Canada, there are more than 300 designated skilled jobs are available. Generally, these trade jobs are classified into four categories

  • Construction

Refers to the process of construction, maintenance, demolition of buildings and building systems. Skilled professionals include electricians, carpenters, plumbers, pipefitters, welders, heavy equipment operators, painters, and others

  • Transportation

It refers to the process of goods, equipment, and raw materials. Skilled professionals include automotive service technicians, Painters, heavy-duty equipment technicians, motorcycle mechanics, and more.

  • Manufacturing

It refers to the production of goods, merchandise for use, or sale using labor and tools. Skilled professionals include tool and die makers, industrial mechanics, metal fabricators, and more.

skilled trade jobs in toronto

  • Service

It refers to the professionals work directly with the public and offers services to individual customers. Skilled professionals include millwrights, hairstylists, cooks, horticulturalists, butchers, and more.

Canada is looking for skilled trade workers who would expanding the industrial economy and should advantage of this. A skilled trade represents a large number of professions. This profession involves working by hand and requires specialized training. A skilled trade is one of the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs in Canada. Here are some reasons that you should consider a career in Skilled trade.


Skilled trade professionals play an important role in our economy and society. People in skilled trade touch every aspect of our lives from the home, to the car, and the food. Canada depends on the work of skilled trade and needs skilled tradespeople.

2.Growing demand

Our economy is changing constantly, but the trade jobs are not going away. No matter how the marketplace may shift, we will always need someone to build our houses and offices, someone keeps the light on and water flowing, someone keeps our vehicle’s conditions good, and also ensure the phone and internet connections are fast. Right now, the demand for skilled trade jobs is very high.

bets skilled trade jobs

3. Good pay

Skilled trade job is not only about job security, it also about earning a good wage during your work. A licensed electrician typically earns $50,000 per year with the industry top earners ranking in as much as $ 83,000.

4.Job Security

A skilled trade job can provide job security and income that a college degree could promise. The skilled trade jobs provide essential services that we always need. It offers a stable income that can support a family. Also, provide an opportunity to spend your career doing interesting and important work.

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