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As the world changes, the requirements for additional workers in specific jobs may increase. Skilled trade jobs are come with earning potential, numerous openings across the country, and the chance to work with your hands regularly. Listed below are the top in demand skilled trade jobs in Canada:

Trade jobs Canada

Brick Mason

Brick masons build various building structures. They are given building plans to determine how to lie each brick. They may use different measuring tools and equipment to build these surfaces.

Average Salary: $20.26 per hour

Construction Equipment Operator

Construction equipment operators handle large machinery and equipment. They often know all the rules and regulations and ensure everyone in the construction site is following them before and during equipment operation. They also determine lower spots of the site where more dirt or other material should be added.

Average Salary: $20.38 per hour

Crane Operators

Skilled trade jobs in Canada

Crane Operators use cranes to move various items or loads. They will need knowledge of how a crane works and need to steer the various pedals and handles on the machine. They often arrive at the site and determine where everything should be placed in safety regulations before they operate the crane.

Average Salary: $20.86 per hour


Carpenters are labor to build different structures of a house. This job may involve cutting, measuring, and shaping. They often build or restore floors, windows, ceilings, and walls. They also give inspections to ensure different surfaces are meeting codes and safety regulations.

Average Salary: $21.46 per hour


Plumbers work in both residential and commercial areas to either install or fix various plumbing issues. They may repair sinks, dishwashers, toilets, washers, and other malfunctioning appliances. They will provide regular checks and inspections to ensure appliances are working in a good condition. This means they are usually well informed and regularly updated safety regulations.

Average Salary: $25.28 per hour


Electricians work with power units either install or repair them in houses or businesses. They ensure that wiring and electrical systems are working properly or not. Also, they should have knowledge of various safety regulations and power tool operations.

Average Salary: $25.93 per hour

HVAC Technician

skilled trade jobs

HVAC Technician will install, repair, and inspect heating and air conditioning systems. They can locate problems in a heating and air conditioning system. Also, they can conduct emergency repairs, installation, or cleaning of different units when needed.

Average Salary: $23.34 per hour

Diesel Technician

Diesel Technician repair and maintain diesel-powered vehicles. They inspect the vehicle thoroughly to ensure everything works correctly and repair any damages they locate.

Average Salary: $25.22 per hour

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