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Skilled trade jobs are always in demand in Canada. Skilled trade workers include construction workers, mechanics, manufacturers, and more. They are highly trained to complete hands-on work. If you are looking for a career in the skilled trade, they will enjoy their job.

Skilled Trade jobs

Skilled trade jobs

A skilled trade job requires specialized knowledge and hands-on work. Skilled trade workers such as electricians, plumbers, and construction workers contribute to the country’s infrastructure and our well-being. They work in a variety of industries that offer services. If you are considering a career as a skilled trades worker, here are some of the tops in-demand jobs in skilled trade:


Electricians work with electrical installations, devices, and wiring. They install, Maintain and fix whatever gives electricity to structures and offices. As they frequently work with live devices and wires, Electricians should have inside and inside and out industry information and have the option to follow all wellbeing and security guidelines.

National Average Salary: $30.79 per hour

2. Plumber

skilled trade jobs in Canada

Plumbers install and repair pipes. The pipes they work with may supply water or gas or take waste from toilets. This fix and install appliances that require a water supply.

National Average Salary: $31.21per hour

3.Construction Worker

skilled trade jobs

Construction workers work on construction sites, working on building or repair projects They normally set up the site by eliminating garbage, dumping building materials and instruments, collecting brief security designs, and directing traffic. As construction workers usually work outside, this is typically an occasional job in Canada.

National Average Salary: $20.62per hour

4. Registered Nurse

Nurses typically work in hospitals, clinics, and home cares to assist with treating patients. Their primary duties include administering medications, monitoring patients’ vitals, and assisting with personal care. Nurses work long shifts, sometimes overnight and on the weekends as well, due to the nature of their work.

National Average Salary: $37.60per hour

5. Mechanic

Jobs in Skilled trade

The main duty of a mechanic is to repair and maintain motorized vehicles. Typically, they work on cars and also work with busses, trucks, and heavy equipment. They work in an auto shop. But they specifically work for car dealerships, car rentals agencies, or transportation companies.

National Average Salary: $30.03per hour

6. Heavy equipment operator

The main role of a heavy equipment operator is to operate heavy equipment like backhoes, front-end loaders, graders, and bulldozers. These operators must have a special license and work on construction sites. They should have strong attention to detail to look out for their colleagues and potential hazards in their path.

National Average Salary: $27.55per hour

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