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We know that getting a job in your field is not easy and it’s very difficult if you don’t know where to start. So here we share some tips that you should focus on when applying for a jobs in Canada.

Where to Start?

1.Professional and updated CV/Resume

2.Be selective

3.Be proactive: Follow up

4.Start Networking

5.Assess your qualifications

1.Make sure your CV/Resume up-to-date

Your resume is your first impression and it is very important to get an interview for your dream job. Make sure that you have your previous employment reference listed in your CV, that is relevant to the position that you are applying for. A poorly written resume will make a negative impact and stop you from getting a job from Canada, even before reaching the interview stage. So, this is the first crucial step when applying for jobs in Canada.

Job Search

Use multiple Online platforms

A social platform such as LinkedIn is great to use as it allows for other employees to write an online recommendation. So, make sure you get all the positive information listed on your CV before you start your job search.

2. Be Selective

There are lots of amazing job opportunities in Canada, they may just be for you, don’t apply for all of them. Be selective in your job search.

3. Be Proactive- Follow up on your job application

Once you send your application into a pool, sometimes hundreds of applicants, so it can be expected as sometimes your application may get lost between other applications. If you do not get any feedback about that particular job that you applied for, send the employer or recruiter a mail to ensure that they have received the application.

Send Thank you Email

If you get an interview and receive confirmation be sure to reply with a polite and professional thank you email.


4.Start Networking

Networking is very important for applying jobs in Canada. You can participate in various professional events such as job fairs and career events. This is the best place to meet not only the employers but also to make new connections with other professionals in your industry.


5. Assess your Qualifications

Most jobs in Canada require an Educational Credential Assessment, is to ensure that your skills meet Canadian Standards.

Before applying for a job find out the jobs as much as you can in your profession. There are various opportunities available that are similar may not be aware of. Read the available job description, if it suits our job, then apply for it. Open yourself up to the possibility of a new career.

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