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Venus Consultancy is an employment agency, which helps companies/employers get matched with talented candidates who meet their requirements. We provide staffing solutions for local, national, and global recruitment needs. Our goal is to assist job seekers in finding new positions while also assisting employers in finding the best applicant for their available positions. For employers, we give the greatest staffing solution. We want to help employers find the right people to help them achieve their objectives.


Venus Consultancy is a job consultancy providing permanent, temporary, and contract recruitment in Canada. We offer specialized recruitments such as IT recruitment, Medical recruitment, Finance recruitment, C-suite recruitment, and the recruitment process for outsourcing. If you need the best talent in IT, Finance, Marketing, Medical, Sales, C-suite, Pharmaceuticals, Customer service, E-commerce, Logistics and Supply chain, and more. We are here to help. We have experts of talents in these specific fields. Reach out to our recruitment team. We are the top recruiters in Canada. We will make your hire easy. Get in touch with us!

Venus Consultancy or Venus Hiring provides a recruitment service for candidates having legal rights to work. We do not offer job offers to international candidates and we do not do visa processes. We do not send any message/email to collect money. Stay safe and vigilant.




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Clinical Research Recruitment

Pharmaceutical and Life Science Recruitment

Manufacturing & Skill Trade Recruitment

E-commerce, Logistics and Supply Chain Recruitment


C-Suite Recruitment



IT Outsourcing


Accounting & Back Office Outsourcing

Scientific Outsourcing

Customer Service and Technical Support Outsourcing

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Remote Staffing


Contract Recruitment

Permanent Direct Hire

We are the Best Recruiters. Our Expertise covers your Hiring needs! 

We are one of Canada's best job agencies. We've developed a rock-solid hiring process over time to assist you to meet your perfect match on the schedule. Your hiring needs are covered by our recruitment expertise. Working with a recruitment team devoted to your area of expertise will eventually save you time and money, whether you are a job seeker or an employer. We have over 16 years of recruitment and staffing experience, with over 10,000 successful placements and 3000 satisfied clients!

We can help you to hire the best talent!

We know how to discover the top talent for your open position when you need the appropriate individual for your company. We have a proven hiring method to assist you in finding the perfect employee while working within tight timelines and budgets. Get in contact with us if you're seeking job consultants in Canada. We assist you in finding the best talent.


Recruiting all over Canada

 No matter where you are, as a job consultancy in Canada we help our clients with the job search and staffing needs in all provinces: Ontario,Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, PEI, Manitoba, Saskatchewan. We help to serve anywhere in Canada.

            We provide: Remote Staffing Recruitment - Contract Recruitment - Permanent Direct Recruitment

Our recruitment process includes 5 steps:

 1. Documentation

This is the first and important step that a recruitment agency takes. This includes the registration of the employers and the candidates. Here the employers provide Job descriptions, the number of employees needed, the wage or salary, and the timeline to hire new skilled employees, while candidates give their personal and career-related information.

 2. Market Research

This is a key smart recruiter step, recruitment agency source for the best talent available in the job market using network connections, dedicated industry network, job boards, social media tools and professional associations in tight deadlines.

 3. Interview and Assessment

Here our expert recruiters screen applicants for an interview via personal contacts, video interview, screening test and assessment

 4.Candidate selection

After the interview and assessment steps our team and employer will select candidates based on their qualification, experience, and performance.


This is the final step where employee is hired and starts working with our employer.


Our Clients’ reviews speak of our success.
“They have a unique commitment and approach to improving company culture.”

– iSG2 Technologies

“Their collaborative, flexible spirit in helping us get things done has been most impressive.”

– TransBiodiesel

“They have a fast turnaround time, respond quickly, and communicate in a timely manner.”

– Hostmud 

“I could never reach that many people unless I had numerous contracts, so venus consultancy makes hiring much easier.”

– Concentrix International Lublin


“Their team really listens to what the client is asking for and what type of candidates they want.”

– InfoGrow

“We fully relied on Venus Consultancy to find the right fit for us, and they made it happen.”

– Dataone Technologies

“Their level of structure and order makes them capable of managing any company’s finances effectively.”

– metasystem Inc

“They maintain the highest level of service.”

– Arani

“They don’t just give us candidates that align with our needs, but talented employees that stay with the company.”

– Jenny Bird

“Their response times are impressive and always work with us to get to the desired outcome.”

– MSW Plastics

“They truly work to understand the way we work as a company and what we want.”  

– Artika

“To describe their approach in one sentence: they really care about us as a client and about the candidates.”

– Accera

“Their knowledgeable and dedicated employees are what make the company so good and trustworthy.”

– Acceleron Pharma

“If you want a good quality support service, you should definitely engage Venus Consultancy”

– TWI Foods

“They are absolutely on time and accurate.”

– Sun Pharma

“They are strong in all areas.”

– BSM Technologies

“They maintain the highest level of service.”

– Zydus

“They have a very effective workflow.”

– Surface products, Inc

“Their flexibility was impressive.

– Iring Oil

“They provide good service and are efficient.”

– Keyera Corp

“They have a unique relationship with their clients.”

– Cisco

“They are fast and convenient.”

– TD Bank Grp

“They were reliable.”

– Pepsico

“The team is very responsive.”

– Rio Tinto

“They have an outstanding workflow — the process I have been through with this team has been seamless.”


“They promised the service and delivered it exactly as they said.”


“We were impressed by their ability to quickly understand the timeline and requirements…”

– Emera Inc

“They’re always there and ready to help. Venus Consultancy puts their clients first.”

– PCL Construction

“They’re able to quickly deliver their knowledge and creativity to us.”

– Suncor Energy Inc

“The workflow was smooth and quick, and the representatives of venus consultancy are very open to feedback.”

– Shopify Inc

“They offer high quality services and good customer support.”

– Salesforce

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